Against The Wind

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band


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  • It’s simple, babies. Abortion rights, women’s rights; it’s bigger than you think. It’s about the right to travel, the right to free speech. The right to…

    Wake The F Up! 60 mins

  • SOAR, whose new album Soft Dial Tone  fills in the spaces of their debut  Dark/Gold with shimmering,  impressionistic color, forgive the synesthesia but I think I'm having…

    I Luv Mondays

  • Brown Recluse Variety Show

  • We discuss Netflix original Ozark , starring Jason Bae -tman and a bunch of other people, several of whom are the Greatest Actor of Our Generation.

    TV on the Radio

  • Brown Recluse Variety Show

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Talking about crap TV on the radio so you don't have to. Plus we secretly LOVE crap TV. (Also, we talk about a lot of really good shows you guys. No FAKE NEWS here at TVoTR)


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