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  • Ian Garland, Northaven & Solvent C, started their musical journey in 2019 with a Guitar, a lifelong dream, and an inspiring crew of friends. Four years…

    The FPM Hour 60 mins

  • Britpop on BritRox! Thank you for tuning in!

    BritRox 120 mins

  • Happy New Year!

    BritRox 120 mins

  • Tonight: Spotlight on Damon Albarn's brand new album: The Nearer the Fountain, More Pure the Stream Flows. Britpop and more! Thank you for tuning in!

    BritRox 120 mins

  • This is my first episode. Thank you for letting me put a little musical glitter in your ears! In this broadcast: RIP Charlie Watts, Kinks, Animals,…

    BritRox 120 mins

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Britpop, BritRock, and all the good stuff from the UK and other countries too! Thank you for tuning in.

DJ Phantom Power decodes people's dreams then creates a soundtrack that will help them further explore their subconscious. It's, ya know, fun.

Celebrating independent publishing and the D.I.Y. spirit, The Fake Publishing Millionaires Hour is a place for writers, directors, producers, etc. to workshop upcoming projects and discuss their creative headspace.


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