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  • de·ni·al /dəˈnīəl/ noun the action of declaring something to be untrue Denial, Lies, misdirection. These are the tools of Cult 45. But we bring light and…

    Wake The F Up!

  • This week, DJ Koomdogg plays two hours of rock music, including a tribute to the late Ric Ocasek in hour 2.

    Stuck In Thee Garage

  • If anything, this latest affront to the ethical centers of all beings, that is to say, the children's concentration camps, perpetrated by this evil regime, shows us…

    Wake The F Up!

  • Maybe the Tax Scam will pass babies, maybe it will get thwarted. Maybe the FCC destroying the internet with its vote will happen, or the republic's…

    Wake The F Up!

  • Cheeto Hitler is getting closer to the podium, babies. We can still fight his hordes of death before regime change day on Jan 20th 2017.  Stand…

    Wake The F Up!

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