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Recent broadcasts featuring lemin

  • A Smudge, a Smash, a Smidge. not enough and just a bit. Pinch of sugar and a psych of smidgeadelics

    Flow Radio

  • Add the tiny pieces, id clashing ad infinitum. Lain across a crossroads of bodies. A sea of arms, lips, and hearts. Ad Noisia.

    Flow Radio 120 mins

  • Electrons flare and our bodies join the current. When Me's become we. And when We's turn to I's. They are always watching. Waiting Like I am…

    Flow Radio 120 mins

  • Living in excess. In luxury of Abstracts.

    Flow Radio 120 mins

  • Dear Diary, I write to you from the past to ask about our future. Are the waters warm? Is there water? Once yours. Me

    Flow Radio 120 mins

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