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Wake The F Up! first played I Fuck Around at 7:26am on Saturday 21st Aug, 2021.


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  • We’ll babies, Kevbo and the GOP House have decided to cut a quarter of the nations budget in their hostage style proposal to lift the credit…

    Wake The F Up! 60 mins

  • In a follow-up from last week- here is an episode just for you dudes on how to "Act Right". To keep you engaged, I will be…

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  • This week Zach salutes grunge and its effects on mainstream music culture.  Then he's visited by renowned nature host Bimby Turmblad and her wonderful critters.

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  • WOWOWOWOW 52 EPISODES of PICKLEPLANET!!! I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT THIS YOU GUYS I'M HAPPY that we've gotten to share so much great music I'M…

    PICKLEPLANET S3 E2 60 mins

  • It’s simple, babies. Abortion rights, women’s rights; it’s bigger than you think. It’s about the right to travel, the right to free speech. The right to…

    Wake The F Up! 60 mins

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We all die alone- but we don't have to cry alone! Break-up // Heartbreak tunes across all genres. DM // Email us your break-up tunes // stories to share! Friday nights were made for crying.

pickle licious tracks sprinkled with new stuff, local stuff and all the things that make up my chaos brainz

Absurdist hogwash is the philosophy. Add a dash of anarcho socialist rhetoric and we're good to go.


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