Phillip Drummond


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  • Denley hosts the 100th and final (for a while) episode of Opal Heights. Thank you to DJ4AM and K'in Sventa for cohosting with me. Thank you…

    Opal Heights 120 mins

  • mo things .Tetsuo, Airlocke, Brant Jackson, Calioto, Audrey MiKa, DJ Grumble, Go Yama, DJ Quest-Questosahn, Dirac, Dreego, Limon, Fredo Algebra, G.C. Martin, Graves, Hello Peril, Matt…

    Opal Heights

  • Denley hosts. Aye, Yu , Curbside , Cyph4 , D E Z I R E E , DAILON , DF Tram , Drew Banga , JULiA…

    Opal Heights

  • Episode 4 of Opal Heights... This week K'in Sventa plays some cuts from local hip-hop and electronic artists and welcomes another member of his True Indigo…

    Opal Heights

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