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Stuck In Thee Garage first played A.M. 180 at 8:30am on Friday 29th Jan, 2021.


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  • Riot Fest 2023 recap, full of Faygo, riffs, rain, bees and besties. Come to Twin Shrieks 2023: 9/29 - 9/30 - tickets are MOVIN

    Twin Shrieks Radio 120 mins

  • This week, DJ Koomdogg delivers two hours of hot rockers, including songs about kids in hour 2.

    Stuck In Thee Garage 120 mins

  • The first Monday morning of August has been pretty nice -- birds are singing, skies are clear, and we've got the whole rest of the day…

    Top Spin S1 E98 120 mins

  • The birthday episode!

    Nocean Beach 120 mins

  • There's something mundane about a Monday sandwiched in between the weekend and the Fourth of July. Today's set doesn't let the hype die down, with some…

    Top Spin S1 E94 120 mins

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