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Recent broadcasts featuring Snooze

  • Riot Fest 2023 recap, full of Faygo, riffs, rain, bees and besties. Come to Twin Shrieks 2023: 9/29 - 9/30 - tickets are MOVIN

    Twin Shrieks Radio 120 mins

  • Yall hiring? Come to Twin Shrieks 2023 9.29-9.30 . Keep me awake all of September

    Twin Shrieks Radio 120 mins

  • * My Own Summer by Deftones riff blasts loudly, everyone slightly aroused * Cover from Weedian's Trip To Texas (Bandcamp Comp)

    Twin Shrieks Radio 120 mins

  • Florida man returns to live a life amongst the bugs, it's the Bugs Life edition of TSR. Welcome to Rockville recap, and bugtastic tracks to round…

    Twin Shrieks Radio 120 mins

  • The sun is shining and we bring out some doomy post-rock, new Limp Bizkit, and a little wuss rock as we slowly fade into summer after…

    Twin Shrieks Radio 120 mins

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