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  • Moby Grape burned out on hype and acid but Cool Ghouls are a Bay supergroup rolling into their tenth year with a new batch of vital…

    I Luv Mondays 60 mins

  • New Tony Jay album A Wave in the Dark is out now on Paisley Shirt Records, and like nearly everything TJ is involved in, it’s a…

    I Luv Mondays

  • Sarah Coolidge, whose new album Sports Fan ( bandcamp ) is out now on Copper Mouth Records. I happen to be very into 2nd person narratives…

    I Luv Mondays

  • 4/20 in San Francisco was cancelled, let's talk about it. Stoner punk, weed emo, 90s trippy emo. It's lit, maaan. New releases! Bandcamp specialssss peep Sunnnner…

    Twin Shrieks Radio

  • Chaki, whose new EP The Water  ( bandcamp ) is a blast to dance to while quarantined--TURN IT UP-- was going to play a release show…

    I Luv Mondays

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