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Stuck In Thee Garage first played Bury Me In My Shoes at 8:00am on Friday 22nd Apr, 2022.


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  • This week, DJ Koomdogg celebrates the 10th birthday of the show and with two hours of rock goodness, including songs featuring the number 10 in…

    Stuck In Thee Garage 120 mins

  • Music this week from Palehound, Dream Wife, Girl and Girl, Feeble Little Horse, Protomartyr, Yves Tumor, Arlo Parks, Killer Mike, Little Simz, A Tribe Called Quest,…

    Pattern Recognition № 276 120 mins

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  • Music this week from Working Men's Club, Editors, Bass Drom of Death, Hot chip, Young Fathers, Sudan Archives, Little Simz, Film School, Preoccupations, Ladytron, Sofi Tukker,…

    Pattern Recognition № 261

  • This week, DJ Koomdogg plays two hours of hot rockers, including songs from 1993 in hour 2.

    Stuck In Thee Garage 120 mins

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