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B.A.A.A.M. Radio first played Tower of God at 9:12pm on Tuesday 8th Jun, 2021.


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  • Trigger Warning:  Discussion of heavy mental health issues, violence, police brutality, and racially charged language. In the wake of The AstroWorld Tragedy, I decided to revisit…

    TNN S1 E2 120 mins

  • listen - saucesymphony  - c/o sauceboidk junorvarsity talk outside lands festival, facebook whistleblower, and zuck pursuing metaverse.

    JVP S2 E1 1380 mins

  • listen  - saucesymphony  - c/o sauceboidk [ back to the music ]

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  • on this episode we play some rap, hip-hop, and r&b from local artists from around the bay with special guest DJ Lowkey and friends!!

    B.A.A.A.M. Radio 120 mins

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