Fat Beats



Most recently, DREAM GARDEN played Fantasy by Brian Ellis on Saturday 12th Aug, 2023.



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Martyrs is a carnival of sound. From jarring noise to haunting ambient, from mind-bending electronica to poetic dissonance, Martyrs seeks to lift up the sounds that embrace the chaos, the cacophony and the beauty found in the unconventional.

Generative soundscapes for waking life and liminal hours ;)

An hour of r&b, hip hop, soul, and whatever else I feel in the moment.

Jazz/funk/hip-hop/grooves from across the cosmos, since 2006.

Tender Knob Radio with Metro Matt looks ahead at Bay Area shows this week and an assortment of Sunday evening selections.

an eclectic new theme weekly w. Mz Prizm and special guests b/c music is a sound rainbow, and you are a prism! 🌈

Alternating friends droppin’ noisy tunes and chill cuts from everywhere.

Uninterrupted instrumentals designed to induce a state of Flow.