Most recently, Third Country Radio played Baralku by Emancipator on Thursday 11th Jul, 2024.

On has played Loci releases from artists such as Emancipator, Marley Carroll, Emancipator & 9 Theory.


Check out these shows on, showcasing music from Loci!

Bringing you the best in Urban Indie, Chill, Smooth Jazz, and World Music. #gschilllounge

an eclectic new theme weekly w. Mz Prizm and special guests b/c music is a sound rainbow, and you are a prism! 🌈

Conor and Katie Duffy present music from the four corners, combining old favorites and exciting new artists in a delightful mélange of audio adventure.

Synths, surf rock, garage, punk, noise, psych, hip-hop, a little bit of soul, trip-hop and music from other decades.

Warm electronica, dancey house, all that good stuff.

finding flow as we wax aesthetic. Connecting and Diving Deep.

Uninterrupted instrumentals designed to induce a state of Flow.

deep roots, culturally connected sounds, an exploration of rhythms: Gumbo Grooves is one nourishing stew that fills you up, til the next time..