Most recently, Stuck In Thee Garage played Creeping Death by Metallica on Friday 27th Oct, 2023.

On has played Megaforce releases from artists such as Living Colour, Metallica, Heems, Bad Brains, Mercyful Fate, Anthrax, Meat Puppets.


Check out these shows on, showcasing music from Megaforce!

Themed playlists that make you feel things.

Worship the riff! Worship unholy obscurity! Eternal hails!

Think of the ultimate mix tape that you have some where buried deep in your basement or attic!

Take a dive into a block of sound that spans the limits of genre and is held together by a central weekly theme.

Opened with guitars & ended in things that bleep; new music in the fine tradition of British evening sessions.

Mixing a musical nightcap of ambient, experimental and post-everything bliss

Because it take allsorts (of sounds).