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  1. Shiva Feshareki, James Bulley, London Contemporary Orchestra, Robert Ames (conductor)
    Shiva Feshareki: Turning World
  2. Kate Romano, Ionel Manciu
    Julian Philips: Melodys of Earth and Sky
  3. Philharmonia Orchestra, Patrick Bailey (conductor)
    Philharmonia Composers' Academy (Volume 4)
  4. Toby Jones
    Julian Philips: Melodys of Earth and Sky
  5. London Chamber Orchestra, Odaline de la Martinez (conductor)
    Param Vir: Wheeling Past the Stars
  6. Members of the London Symphony Orchestar, Darren Bloom (conductor)
    Six Degrees of Separation
  7. Norwegian Radio Orchestra, Karen Kamensek (conductor)
    Tansy Davies: Nature
  8. Orchestra X, Andrew Morley (conductor)
    Celebrating 10 Years of New Music Biennial
  9. NYCGB Fellowship, Ben Parry (director)
    NYCGB Young Composers 3


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