Most recently, Loose Canon Listening Club played Bog Body by Keeley Forsyth & Ross Downes on Sunday 22nd Oct, 2023.


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  1. Kate Romano, Ionel Manciu
    Julian Philips: Melodys of Earth and Sky
  2. Norwegian Radio Orchestra, Karen Kamensek (conductor)
    Tansy Davies: Nature
  3. Heath Quartet
    Bracing Change 2
  4. Philharmonia Orchestra, Patrick Bailey (conductor)
    Philharmonia Composers' Academy (Volume 4)
  5. Members of the London Symphony Orchestar, Darren Bloom (conductor)
    Six Degrees of Separation
  6. Shiva Feshareki, James Bulley, London Contemporary Orchestra, Robert Ames (conductor)
    Shiva Feshareki: Turning World
  7. Roopa Panesar, Al MacSween, Camilo Tirado
    New Music Biennial 2022
  8. Toby Jones
    Julian Philips: Melodys of Earth and Sky
  9. Evelyn Glennie, New London Chamber Ensemble, Darren Bloom (conductor)
    Ailís Ní Ríain: The Last Time I Died


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