Perpetual Novice



Most recently, wenchpilled played Welcome To My Island by Caroline Polachek on Friday 1st Dec, 2023.

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an eclectic mix of tracks spanning all genres -- deep cuts and bangers, old and new, local and far away!

Synths, surf rock, garage, punk, noise, psych, hip-hop, a little bit of soul, trip-hop and music from other decades.

Start happy hour with me. If you're into good tunes and chat, I'm sending for you.

Generative soundscapes for waking life and liminal hours ;)

DJ Maggie’s 90s and 90s-inspired alternative rock academy for girls

A lush lineup of tunes every week from around the genre gauntlet, featuring new (and some old) tracks from artists local and around the world. Spread on thick for maximum enjoyment.

Music as sweet as candy your favorite grandparent always carried with them