Most recently, Minor Obsession played creation by Sabrina Claudio on Sunday 24th Sep, 2023.

On has played SC releases from artists such as Sabrina Claudio.


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Good Morning This is Louise

R&B, Soul, Funk, Indie Pop, Folk, Electronic hodge-podge of excellence.

I Dj, I connect people with good music, and I keep you tapped in to what's goin on in the bay. Multiple genres and mixes, news and updates...Tbh one of the best places to be at 12am.

Every Thursday at 7:00 am DJ Sultry brings you slow streets, slow sips, slow kisses, and slow jams. Stay under the covers a little longer.

chill, surf, punk, deep house, & local tunez to get you through the longest nights (or earliest mornings)

a 2-hour long channeled music that taps into the creative human experience