Soda Gong



Most recently, Low Profile played snail loves moth by Atte Elias Kantonen on Thursday 12th Oct, 2023.

On has played Soda Gong releases from artists such as Mister Water Wet, Flaty, Kaspi & Stride, Nick Malkin, Atte Elias Kantonen, Alexi Baris, Motoko & Myers.


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Experimental electronic and electroacoustic soundscapes, from ambient to avant-pop.

Martyrs is a carnival of sound. From jarring noise to haunting ambient, from mind-bending electronica to poetic dissonance, Martyrs seeks to lift up the sounds that embrace the chaos, the cacophony and the beauty found in the unconventional.

Playing lost and found rare gems, collections from the past, and boogie jams from the present. Those things include: electronic, jazz, art rock, soul, mix noise, hip hop, indie, ambient and boogie.