Vada Vada



Most recently, Twin Shrieks Radio played Chainsaw the Door by The Garden on Tuesday 31st Oct, 2023.

On has played Vada Vada releases from artists such as The Garden, Cowgirl Clue, Enjoy.


Check out these shows on, showcasing music from Vada Vada!

a rad catalog of alt, punk, emo, hardcore, acoustic, and doom presented by Twin Peaks Sessions

Take a dive into a block of sound that spans the limits of genre and is held together by a central weekly theme.

Delivering a fun mix of independent and alternative music, featuring old favorites, new tracks, and local acts

new / obscure releases from obscure / obvious genres; sometimes none of the above.

Music as sweet as candy your favorite grandparent always carried with them

Luxuriate and shimmy to this carefree melange of bops that span genres, generations, and geography.

Late night dance parties with a fusion of genres, themed sets, guest discussions, and more!

Absurdist hogwash is the philosophy. Add a dash of anarcho socialist rhetoric and we're good to go.

When the covid cvlt calls you, stay calm and speak gently for proper recruitment.