We're stoked to continue our grand tradition of broadcasting from BARF on 11/6! Expect great tunes from our favorite labels, interviews with the cool cats that run them, and more!


Schedule (times are approximate because live radio, duh)

12:15 Spotlight on Father/Daughter Records
12:30 Dylan interviews Jessi Frick
12:45 Spotlight on Vacant Stare
1:00 Spotlight on Spotlight on Digital Regress
1:10 Space Abuela interviews Ronnie from Digital Regress
1:15 Spotlight on Grabbing Clouds Records
1:20 DJ Shuga Baby interviews Grabbing Clouds
1:30 Spotlight on Melters
1:40 Cosmic Amanda interviews Eli & Thomas from Melters
2:00 Spotlight on Death Records 
2:15 MellyG interviews Brian Wakefield Death Records
2:30 Spotlight on Golden Rake Records
2:45 MellyG interviews Golden Rake
2:50 Melly G interviews Ratskin Records/My Shit Eats Tapes
3:00 Spotlight on Empty Cellar
3:15 Cosmic Amanda interviews Arvel Hernandez 
3:30 Melly G interviews Chulita Vinyl Club
3:35 Spotlight on OIM 
3:45 Cosmic Amanda interviews Marie from OIM
4:00 Space Abuela interviews Fil Cala from Wave Dweller 
4:15 Spotlight on Wave Dweller
4:25 Spotlight on Urban Scandal Records
4:35 Space Abuela interviews Stephen from Urban Scandal Records
4:45 Goodbye! See you next BARF!