For the last 6 years, I've attended Iceland Airwaves in Reykjavik. (In 2015, presented a showcase, and Cosmic Amanda deejayed and broadcasted live from Lucky Records!)

That's why, when it comes to Icelandic pop music, I have opinions. So many opinions.

But! There's always new non-Icelandic bands that play and even if I'd heard of some of them, I can't say I've heard of most of them. Or, in the case of the following list, I may have heard of them, but haven't had an opportunity to see them play live. I'm gonna remedy that next month.

Here are the 5 Best Non-Icelandic Bands to See at Iceland Airwaves 2017

1. Kelly Lee Owens

2. Vagabon

3. Torres 

4. Benjamin Clementine

5. Lido Pimienta

And if you're interested in listening to 2 hours of my non-Icelandic prevew, go here: