Iceland is the land of fire and ice, an island country of volcanoes, numerous waterfalls, mineral pools, and birthplace to some of my favorite musicians. And this year the musicians that call Reyjavik home produced some solid music. Beyond Queen B's album of love and possibility in the internet age; my new favorite collaboration of Sin Fang, Sóley, and Örvar released a new song every month this year, and on the solo front, Sóley and JFDR both crafted soul soothing music. Rounding off the list of Icelandic bands that can do no wrong, FM Belfast, my favorite no-pants party dance band produced another fun effort. 

1. Sin Fang, Sóley, and Örvar Smárason: Team Dreams (Morr Music)

2. Bjork - Utopia (One Little Indian)

3. JFDR - Brazil (White Sun Records)

4. Sóley - Endless Summer (Morr Music)

5. FM Belfast - Island Broadcast (World Champion Records)