Lines, triangles, and squares, oh my! You bet your rhombus students are enthusiastically marching into their Geometry class today to absorb the mind-boggling lesson on the wondrous infinity of Pi... or most likely to stuff their faces with baked goods. To celebrate Pi Day in the music world, let's look at the intricately neat genre that is math rock.  It stems from influences as far back as European classical music, and is directly evolved from progressive rock musicians like Frank Zappa and King Crimson.  The genre is a bit of an umbrella term, some argue it’s more of a technique or “adjective” than a genre. Math rock distinguishes from its close associations with post-hardcore, punk, alternative, and heavy metal in its unconventional, crazy complex rhythmic structure in signatures like 11/8 or 13/8 as opposed to the standard 4/4 time.  This format creates sounds that are reminiscent of jazz in their staccato, disjointed, peculiarly calculated qualities.

The list we’ve compiled meanders upon various sub genres of rock.  Check out these exponentially cool Rockmaticians!

*Dedicated to the King of Math, Mr. Stephen Hawking (1/8/1942 - 3/14/2018) 

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And to get a brief math rock tutorial, check out this YouTube video: