Ever find yourself in dire need to listen to an album start to finish, but encounter ruthless indecision in the infinite possibilities of music plastered all over the Internet and in your own music library?  Here’s a good place to narrow down the search- we’ve selected a handful of artists from different genres including Soul/R&B, Psychedelic Indie, Hip Hop, Punk, and Electronic with astounding new albums.  

  • Genre: Soul/R&B
  • Artist: Thirdstory
  • Album: Cold Heart

This group is very new, and their album is sensual, spiritual, and groovy- perfect if you want to let your hair down, light a damn candle, and get in touch with your Chi.

From Cold Heart, “Still In Love”

  • Genre: Psychedelic Indie
  • Artist: Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  • Album: Sex & Food

This group is well known (despite their name), but for good reason.  The new album fuses a lot of different genres, but more heavy on funk/blues with the tone and lyrics alternating between calm and high energy.

From Sex & Food, “American Guilt”

This album is lengthy, but not long-winded.  Features a versatile collaboration with artists including Jadakiss, Portugal. The Man, Denzel Curry, and others.  The content spans passionately sociopolitical lyrics with a nonstop cool quickness in a holistically raw approach to widespread melodies.

From Vacation in Hell, “Headstone”

  • Genre: Punk
  • Artist: Ed Schrader’s Music Beat
  • Album: Riddles

This group is punk at heart, but explores slow, dreamy melodies while incorporating minimalist, quick drum/bass harmonies and shrieking, ominous vocals.

From Riddles, “Seagull”

  • Genre: Electronic
  • Artist: Essaie Pas
  • Album: New Path

This album is ambitious...blending lush emotions with fun, chic, cryptic techno to make for a complicated, suspenseful journey from start to finish.

From New Path, “Complet Brouille”

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