This marks Laura Veirs tenth album, but the double digits do not at all imply that the country-folk artist has ran out of a rejuvenating spirit in her latest music.  Veirs shared in an NPR interview that The Lookout’s conception took persistent discipline, where over the course of a year she spent four hours a day, four days a week writing and exploring different prompts in categories of mood, lyrics, and time measurement, then applied the material in various combinations.  This diligent approach resulted in a succinct balance of enticing lyrics and diverse, fluctuating instrumentation including elegant violin riffs, airy acoustics, delicate, hypnotic drums, electric solos, to more experimental arrangements in “Watch Fire”, a sprightly collaboration with Sufjan Stevens.  The overall narrative conveys a heartwarming urge to remain both hopeful and cautious in order to preserve the fragile, fleeting nature of life’s beauty in a chaotic environment (alluding to current U.S. politics). The work also embodies the perpetual need for discovery, a coming-of-age perspective about parenthood and how to embrace fresh artistic inspiration through her children’s eyes.  The album has a breezy tranquility that resonates with Simon and Garfunkel in tracks like “Margaret Sands,” and then has more of an alternative spunk in songs like “Everybody Needs You.”

From start to finish The Lookout offers a trancelike, mesmerizing Zen experience. Veirs delivers an authentic folk that carries a meditative power to steady unruly thoughts and puts a jovial, serene tempo in your mind’s step. Give this masterpiece a listen and support Veirs’ latest work, here.

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Check out one of the album’s songs, “Lightning Rod”