Iowa-based musician, Arin Eaton is the front-lady of Karen Meat who recently released the oddly fun album You’re An Ugly Person. She’s like the MTV animated character, Daria, if she grew up to be a depressed pop star (and a real person). The lyrics in the album are bluntly candid and accompanied with 80s monotone synth pop, rockabilly, killer guitar solos that will shred beauty into your pores, and a twist of absurd nerdy dance party vibes.  Most of the songs hold a combination of deliriously peppy and self-deprecating tones, namely the song “Overdwelled” has a sick gnarly circus quality with sound variations including a xylophone, ice cream truck jingles, and a key-tar lullaby. This merry-go-round affect tethers itself to a journal entry narrative that insecurely, bitterly and humorously wonders aloud, revealing the angst of not knowing how to not be irritated at the incorrigibility of life. The music captures a sparkly, sardonic melancholy, and does so by carrying an attitude of cantankerous bewilderment while simultaneously embracing in the much-needed merriment brought by beer, pizza and tunes. 

Take a gander at the majestic album, 
You’re An Ugly Person, and a peek at "You're An Ugly Person" below... 

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