With these 2018 Psychedelic albums we celebrate the life and genius that was author Tom Wolfe, who passed away last week.  His work largely developed the category of New Journalism, from which The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test captured much of Beat culture, the Hippie movement, and in turn the birth of psychedelic music.  Renouncing cultural norms, questioning and protesting authority demonstrated by the hallucinogenic shenanigans of the traveling Merry Pranksters, Hell's Angels, and the Beatniks are the founding ingredients to the mind boggling and widening genre that is psychedelic music.  Below you'll find our top picks of the latest psychedelic albums released this year, as well as a playlist of psychedelic music through the decades including The Beach Boys, The Jeff Beck Group, King Crimson, Sandy Bull, and Hawkwind Zoo among many other hypnotically groovy influential artists.

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  • Artist: WAND

  • Album: Perfume (forthcoming release 5/25) 
  • Below is "Pure Romance" 


  • Church of the Cosmic Skull 


  • Hookworms 


  • Ty Segall 


  • The Limiñanas 

  • Shadow People *DJ Mr. Darcy's personal favorite*
  • Below is "Istanbul Is Sleepy" featuring Anton Newcombe

And here's our compilation of pyschadelic music throughout the decades...