We Let the (Witch) Hats Decide: This year for Halloween, DJs Pants and Sanspants are audibly dressing up as two terrible, horrible drive-time morning DJs. Featuring Sully's Sports Report, The Big Fat Fart Of The Week Award, our famous Money Contest Mix, and much, much more. (listen now)

Casually Crying is now Casually Creeping: This Haunting Halloween Special is full of spooky songs that will bring out your inner ghoul. Feel free to browse through and get some inspiration for your Halloween party playlists. :) (listen now)

Tis the Season to Get Spooky with Sunny and Skeleton Air Show: hey Dracula Dames and Ghastly Gents, this is Sunny and Skeptical's first Halloween episode!  Got some haunting tunes that include Lucius, Kay Starr, Trance Farmers, Elvis Presley, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Michael and Janet Jackson, Karl Blau, KIDS SEE GHOSTS feat. Yasiin Bey, Automatic Pilot, ELO, Rick James, Dr. Octagon, The Uncluded, and tracks from Labyrinth, Hocus Pocus, Monty Python, Ghostbusters and The Wizard of Oz. (listen now)

Happy Ska-lloween from BOO-d Awakening: Slither into the darkness with the spookiest freakiest ska and punk tunes, covers and monster beats with a special Skalloween themed Rude Awakening. (listen now

Death: the Longest Lunch Break: As the veil between the worlds of the living and dead thins, DJ Fizzy Pop will usher in the season of the witch. We'll walk with the zombies, raise a glass of blood red wine with vampires, and eat lots of candy. Expect some early rock n' roll, some garage, some punk, some novelty, and all of it spooky. (listen now)

A-BOO-la's Pantry or is it Abuela's Pantry: Space Abuela was out of town so C00L WORLD's Kelsey Styles dropped by to spook you with some frightening fun and actually terrifying music. (listen now)

Scaredy-o Shoe: The theme was Change, what’s scarier than that? Also I played spooky background noises ;) (listen now)

Too Cold To Cry - TERRIFYING PROPHECIES OF LOVE: A psychedelic tribute to the terrifying zombie love monster that hippies call Jesus. Also witches and the vacuum of space. (listen now)

NIGHT LIGHT: Halloween / Rockin Gourd Time

Halloween-vibe songs for a rockin' gourd time, from Prince Rama to Rob Zombie, from Beck to Cut Copy and MGMT, almost all older songs, this mix will keep you feelin' freaky til all hallow's eve.  (listen now)

NIGHT LIGHT: Rave to the Grave

Wile out til ya wake the dead with this devilish, dark halloween techno / house / party jamz mix from Mz Prizm (listen now)

NIGHT LIGHT: Hello Ween // All Ween! 

Mz Prizm's first-ever guest on Night Light will be taking us on our first-ever artist deep-dive -- it's gonna be a Ween-tastic journey through this funky alt rock band's unexpected catalogue, including "Mutilated Lips", "Baby Bitch," and more favorites. This is your fluffy, soft landing into Ween, get into it! (listen now)

Times May Vary aka Tombs May Vary: Rounding off a month of terrifying and haunting electronic genres is a Halloween mix from Times May Vary. A culmination of spooky electronic from multiple sub-genres, this mix is a perfect soundtrack for conjuring spirits, freaking out guests at your Halloween party, or walking through abandoned buildings late at night. Don't say I didn't warn you... (listen now)

Transfiguration: Did you wake up in hell or is it just a dream? Transfiguration Halloween Horror Mix! (listen now)

Jam Gemz...Fang Gemzsurfy/synthy/sexy spooky jamz! Artists including S U R V I V E, Bruce Haack, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Clams Casino, The Knife, and moOoOore! (listen now)

HORRORIZONS: Devil's Night: this week will feature a special Halloween track from artist of the year, Rupert Holmes, an 11pm airing of "The Thinking Room" episode of the Canadian Broadcasting Company's radio horror series Nightfall  from 08/06/82, and an array of spooky nighttime music in between. (listen now)

The Swap Meet presents Halloweenie records! Another all-vinyl show featuring thrift store records about murder, death, aliens, the devil, monsters, and superheroes! (listen Wednesday 10am - Noon)

Space Crush: Let's listen to some of the Halloweeny-ist Punk and New wave songs from Japan! Discover and rock out to Auto-Mod, SUSAN, Katra Turana and more! (listen Wednesday 4pm - 6pm)

CATERWAULTERED IMAGES: all-new, with all-old 80s deep cuts. But in honor of the All Hallows’ evenin’ which we all find so pleasin’, it’s gonna be the dressed-up, made-up, and (when all else fails) goth-leaning side of our aesthetic. While some surprises needs be kept, expect rarities from Prince, Siouxsie, the Cure, Adam Ant, and so forth, but with additional shocking seasonal startles! (listen Wednesday 10pm - midnight)