Dressed in a cowboy suit, this one with sequined appliqués, and wearing his customary fringe and leather mask, Orville Peck took to the stage at the Reykjavik Art Museum to an Airwaves audience that was ready to swoon at his bidding. And what a gorgeous gravelly voice to hypnotize with! That deep baritone would make any gender slip off their panties right-quick. 

Orville Peck band

Yet, there is something darker that runs through the music, as a fellow audience member remarked to me, “Something that hints at (David) Lynch.” Back by a four-piece band, they played their retro brand of country with aplomb. And, while the Canadian native hinted at modern progressive views in his banter, “You ever see a drag queen perform?” A quick glance/ listen, won’t necessarily show his hand (a spread in British GQ and a piece in the NY Times suggests Orville Peck has a broad appeal). While Orville Peck played a solid set, there was something about how the band occupied the stage, that hints at an upward trajectory. Which makes seeing them now so exciting. Catch Orville Peck before they sell out the stadium in your town.