Black Lives Matter

It's evident in the music we play every day, most of which would not exist without black people. NOW is the moment for all of us to join the fight for an anti-racist future. Read More →

Join Our Spring Fundraiser

You carry us through these uncertain times, and that’s how we’re able to build strong community radio for San Francisco. We’re coming together. We’re looking ahead. And, we have you to thank.

Give Our DJs a Bandcamp Boost

On Friday, March 20th Bandcamp will forgo their share of revenue from sales so that every artist gets a boost. While you're looking for a few artists to support, please consider these bands, which all feature a current or former DJ. Read More →

MOAR bands in 2020!

This year we want to host more local bands than ever before. So if you're in a Bay Area band, we want to hear from you! Find out how to play live on or for

Let's look back on another amazing year in music!

As 2019 draws to a close our DJs look back on the albums, songs, and labels that inspired them most this year. You'll find dozens of lists to peruse and hopefully discover a few new tunes along the way...everything from emo to experimental, pop to rock, a Impact Stories: Will

Will went from doing behind-the-scenes work on's Board of Directors to grabbing a virtual front row spot rocking out to the evolution of San Francisco's sound with his show I Luv Mondays. Read More →

Sonny Smith Talks REVENGE!

Sonny Smith dropped by Alley Cat Radio to chat with DJ Catsanova about Rocks in Your Head Revenge Night at the Balboa Theatre THIS Thursday (awesome bands! Bang trims!) Have a listen!