San Francisco's music scene is legendary, yet as corporate consolidation has homogenized the commercial radio landscape, many Bay Area bands struggle to reach an audience; and radio listeners have to work harder to discover music that's outside of the mainstream. That's why is so vital to our music scene: we promote musicians who are not breaking through and connect them to listeners via airplay and live performances.

However, we recognize that low-income communities, and especially communities of color, are most affected by lack of access to our music scene. That’s why has made it vital to our mission that we create a supportive environment for all people, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, and other differences. To do this we pledge to:

  • Attract and retain DJs, podcast creators, volunteers, and board members from diverse backgrounds
  • Partner only with other organizations and businesses that share our values, especially those led by people from marginalized communities
  • Value art for art’s sake over metrics, and offer no strings attached opportunities for DJs and bands to interact with our platform

If we hope to build powerful community radio for San Francisco we need to amplify the voices, ideas, and creativity of people from our most vulnerable communities. We acknowledge that being an anti-racist organization is an ongoing process, but one that is paramount to being part of the creation of a better music scene.