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I’m a writer, indie publisher, multi-instrumentalist and producer. I grew up in New Jersey and covered news for the Bay Guardian and the Bay Area Reporter when they both were in print.
I play in the ska band Sad Snack, and am the only non-robotic member of the synth rock opera, Indica In Decay. 
My publishing group, Fake Publishing Millionaires, has been going since 2015. We make comics, zines, shoot  films/music videos, run  events, put out albums . . . There's all sorts of links below!

(Yeah, that's our real URL.)

SAD SNACK (ska) -
Insta -
Twitter - @sadsnack_band

Indica In Decay (synth rock opera) -

Insta - @Indica_in_decay


Celebrating independent publishing and the D.I.Y. spirit, The Fake Publishing Millionaires Hour is a place for writers, directors, producers, etc. to workshop upcoming projects and discuss their creative headspace.

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