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Hey !my names Felipe Gouveia. I've been filming bands for a few years and have been putting together a mix of their music as well as some other classic tunes!Enjoy every Monday ! check it out and send me some tunes!

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A big mix of bands I've filmed over the years, with some interviews here and there. Also some classic tunes I enjoy and a few jam session recordings that you can only hear in one place!

Recent Shows

Here we go! if you got depression listen to spin the bottle session!

Spin the Bottle Sessions 120 mins

that's right we are back from a hiatus and turtle has taken over for my hangover of a weekend featuring some more on air phone calls…

Spin the Bottle Sessions 120 mins

Jam packed line up with more on air phone calls from all over! A few new jam recordings from our studio at RHLthere his  room 3.

Spin the Bottle Sessions 120 mins

Taking on air calls this Monday with collection of new music and classics ! from Doc gunn of the mother vines and bat dog records Justin…

Spin the Bottle Sessions 120 mins