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There's a million ways to be cool. Getting cool together with you since something like year 2.


Two hours of soulful grooves, jazzy keys, latin vibes and that extra little *zing* to remind you that you're cool, classy and feeling good. Interviews with local artists, musicians and chefs add San Francisco flavor to your bi-weekly happy hour dose.

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Last week dug into older roots, today we go hyper-modern and explore the many strange and wonderful places the roots of jazz have borne fruit.

Highbrow Happy Hour 120 mins

Time to learn about the foundational sounds that is our love for music and explore how these sounds are still threaded through modern music today. Featuring…

Highbrow Happy Hour S2 E15

Up and Down. New and Old.

Highbrow Happy Hour S2 E14

Well, it rained, so enjoy the clean sidewalks.

Highbrow Happy Hour S2 E13 120 mins