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I've lived in San Francisco for 22 years (currently in my third SF recession), in five neighborhoods and six apartments. I live with and am married to Erin Lim, producer and host of Bitch Talk Podcast. Basically, there wouldn't be a Storied: SF without Erin. We have two dogs—Will Clark, Jr., Jr. and Cokie Monster.

Storied: SF documents the lives of San Franciscans via their life stories as podcasts and original photography by Michelle Kilfeather.

I like tacos slightly more than I like pizza. I love Northern California, dogs, baseball, equality, beer, and, for the last four years, podcasting.


Recent Shows

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In Part 1, we meet and get to know a bit about Traci's past. She grew up in Modesto. Her dad’s family is Puerto Rican and…

Storied: San Francisco S6 E3 30 mins

In Part 3, we meet Vesuvio bartender Joanna Lioce. Originally from Newport, RI, where her dad was a rock critic, the family moved to LA when…

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