Thomas Park

DJ For 6-7 Sunday AM Show "Synthetic Sounds"


Thomas is both a musician and coder and to the station he brings such neat things as "Dream-Logic" based playlists, generative music, cool but obscure independent cc-licensed electronic tracks and more.


Recent Shows

The "automatic" shows continue, created using Thomas Park's "Radio Show Generator" python code. This one has a genre theme of Dystopian Hip Hop.

Synthetic Sounds S1 E20 60 mins

Another great Dream-Logic inspired playlist of eccentric and cool electronic music.

Synthetic Sounds S1 E5 60 mins

Episode 4 features a brand new playlist of dream-logic inspired dub, generative and ambient electronic music.

Synthetic Sounds S1 E4 60 mins

This episode pioneers a new form of radio broadcast, in which the pieces are created for (and only exist for) this specific broadcast. ie all of…

Synthetic Sounds S1 E19