Thomas Park

DJ For 6-7 Sunday AM Show "Synthetic Sounds"


Thomas is both a musician and coder and to the station he brings such neat things as "Dream-Logic" based playlists, generative music, cool but obscure independent cc-licensed electronic tracks and more.


Recent Shows

This morning features part 2 of "SynthWave September". Enjoy.

Synthetic Sounds S1 E32 60 mins

September is an exciting month at Synthetic Sounds-- the whole month will be devoted to Generative sets of SynthWave music. Get your retro on!

Synthetic Sounds S1 E31 60 mins

This Sunday concludes Generative Disco month at Synthetic Sounds. Woo Woo!

Synthetic Sounds S1 E30 60 mins

Generative Disco month continues at Synthetic Sounds. Ohh La La!

Synthetic Sounds S1 E29 60 mins