Here are our highlights of Day 1 of Iceland Airwaves music festival. Be sure check out all these great Icelandic (and two North American) bands!

Börn at Hlemmur Square

They had me at "hard femme death punk," but they kept me entranced with their raw energy and a surprisingly melodic sound, considering their postpunk sensibilities and the angry wails pouring out of the lead singer. Since I don't speak Icelandic, I had to do a little digging to find out what their message is, which according Reykjavik Grapevine portrays "Reykjavík as it really is...Grey, wet, windy." I am probably going to see Börn, like, five more times this week. - Amanda

Mosi Musik at Lucky Records

After having my face melted off by Börn, I toddled around the corner, stuffing a convenience store sandwich in my face, and peeked into Lucky Records, one of the coolest record shops in the city, to see what was happening. Mosi Musik was at the tail end of their set of high energy electro pop with a tinge of R&B. The whole crowd was bopping and I was energized by their infectious groove. - Amanda

o F F Love at Bio Paradis

o F F Love is auto-tuned vocals on top of solid effect-laden electronica with a pop undercurrent. Pleasant to listen to, but distracting that he(?) wears a kerchief for a face. (Which is to say, I found it hard to connect to him as I watched him perform.) Related, though not about the performance: Jonsi was there, as were members of FM Belfast, MilkyWhale, Royal, Mum, Sin Fang and Soley - so I was freaking a little. - Mai

Operators at KEX Hostel/KEXP Off-Venue

Operators put on an energetic and solid show of pop and electronic tunes in typical Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs and Divine Fits) fashion. This band is one of the Airwaves’ performances I was most looking forward to and they didn’t disappoint. I’m a fan. They’re great. (So entertaining, I saw them twice.) - Mai

Miri at Bio Paradis

I really wanted to catch Daveeth, and was trying to find Loft, but I got LoSt. So, I decided to meet Mai at Operators and the crowd was nuts- bordering on fire hazard. So, I ducked over to Bio Paradis, where a man with a very captivating red beard was singing. Wait- are these even words, or are they merely vocalizations? No matter, Miri was deftly serving up a sound that could be described as postrock, or math rock-influenced, but definitely experimental and highly listenable. - Amanda

DREAM WIFE at Dillon

The 90s influence on Dream Wife is clear- right down to their throwback 60s fashion sense, which had been at its peak during that decade. The set was every bit performance art as it was music, and I was not surprised to learn afterward that the band began life as an art school project and took off from there. Lead singer Rakel Mjöll managed to enthrall the audience while taking time to flirt with the cameras around the room. (We saw you, Thomas!) This was their first "official" show with a drummer. (since he had, technically, played with them once before, but it was in a barn so they felt it didn't count.) - Amanda

Fufanu at KEX Hostel/KEXP Off-Venue

After hopping around to a few other off-venues (and getting trapped in a stairwell, which was unpleasant) we ended the evening back at KEX Hostel for Fufanu, a very promising young Icelandic band. Though they're described around the internet as techno, they are now delivering solid alternative rock. I can't say I think they're breaking any ground here, but they put on a great show and I imagine they'll soon become a mainstay on the Icelandic indie scene. -Amanda