Holy cow! BFF.fm is one year old. What was once a community radio manifesto written at Thieves Tavern with the help of a few gin and tonics has grown in a short time to become a full-fledged station with a schedule packed with great shows.

This seems like the perfect time to say how honored we are to be surrounded by a crew of truly amazing and talented DJs, supportive partners, and loyal listeners. We wouldn't be the station we are without the help of a lot of truly rad people, especially the folks at The Secret Alley for trusting us to bring a few dozen new people and a lot of audio gear into their world.

We can't wait to see what's in store for year number two...but we hope to see you out on the community more as we begin remote broadcasting from more shows and sponsoring more cool music-related events.

If you're reading this, thanks for being a part of BFF.fm!  -Amanda & Forrest, founders of BFF.fm

Here are some more fond recollections of the past and warm well-wishes for the future from our DJs:

"I have so many fond memories of the stations early days! From the evenings where everyone was new and trying to figure out the board, to the nights when the internet went down and broadcasts were cancelled. Evening beers at the Alley, making new friends and hearing new jams. Every person who walked into the studio was full of hope and excitement of what the station was, and could continue to become.

September turned into October, November, and December. Soon it was spring then summer. Time slots filled up, excitement built around the Mission and on the streets of San Francisco. The station's internet stabilized, and soon we were upgrading the technical infrastructure, all the while adding new hats and books to the studio. Each week is full of new surprises on the shelves, desk, and in our ears." - Sequoia, Roll Over Easy & Tall Trees!

"As soon as they thawed me out and explained everything, I knew this  place IS the revolution!"- Steve Foxx, The Midnight Prowl

"I remember the scrappy early days, guesting with Small Crimes or Mai & Charlie before pulling the trigger on my own show. It's hard to believe that it's been almost nine months since our little witching hour was born, on this year's Full Wolf Moon. And what an awesome nine months of dark grooves, dance psychics, applemancing, snack-o-scopes, ghost stories, magical beasts, blood moons, feminist talk breaks, Satanic nephews, and so much more!" - Shewolfe, Astral Projection Radio Hour

"I came for the music... I stayed for the pizza." - DJ Sanspants, No Slaw in the Freezer

"Narrating a World Cup soccer game with Tall Dave and Burrito Justice was hilarious, especially Burritos spit take when I called a foul on a player for mushroom stamping.

Bonding with White Reaper over underage band drinking and making them members of the 40 Club was a highlight of my band interviews so far." - Ben Russo, Cracked Machine

"I remember when there was only one AUX cord. The struggle was real." - DJ Nora, irockiroll Radio

And now, some fun BFF.fm trivia:

  • BFF.fm was named by Allan Hough of Mission Mission fame. At first it seemed a bit precious, but the more we noodled around with other ideas the more the name seemed perfect for us.
  • Here's what our website looked like the day we launched. (note that Small Crimes hadn't even been added yet because her show didn't have a name...365 days later and it still doesn't!)

  • The original BFF.fm was run entirely off a single Lenovo laptop from 2005 that someone had thrown away.

  • We started with 10 hours of programming. (We now have 114.5!)