I arrived at Mezzanine slightly before Crystal Fighters got on stage. Masters of presentation, the crew came on stage wearing costumes that wouldn’t be out of place at a festival. And as ill-advised as some of the get-ups were, feather headdress and Mexican blanket poncho-the audience at Mezzanine this evening didn't mind the cultural faux pas. 

The band seemingly had a recipe for a type of indie party band, and they ticked off the list. Costumes-check, boy-girl-call-and-response vocals-check, kooky instruments-check, but one couldn’t fault them for throwing everything behind their exuberant brand of pop. Still, all the flash didn’t obscure talent, Crystal Fighters know how to sing, to play instruments (including bongo drums and ukelele), and they're engaging, so much so that someone might feel out of place if they didn’t know the lyrics to the songs.

Songs were crafted for sing-a-longs, and the audience didn’t disappoint. If you were a fan of the Crystal Fighters before they got onstage, it wasn’t likely they would lose you. If you weren’t, they might’ve possibly won you over.