Imagine everything you love about, but for podcasts.

We've always thought that radio and podcasts go great together. Like "one milkshake, two straws" great. But, while we've dabbled here and there (and here and there) we've never felt like we were doing podcasts justice. As more podcasters began to ask how they could become part of the community, we realized we had to make space for them.

We started working on this project back in February, when the world was a much different place. First, there was a series of meetings (in person!) where we looked at lots and lots of podcast platforms. We debated likes and dislikes. We asked really important questions like "how can we make this more BFF-y?" And slowly, because everything is happening slowly these days, the Podcast Network began to take shape.

What we settled on is a place where we hope to nurture and support Bay Area podcasters of all walks of life by providing free hosting, mentorship, and community. We especially seek to amplify the voices of those in traditionally marginalized communities, and we'll know we've really made it when someone creates something so totally far out nobody has ever heard anything quite like it before! Some future ideas we have include

  • A for-credit college internship built around our in-house podcast inFrequencies
  • A grant program for podcasters who want to create something especially aligned with our mission
  • Live events for our podcasts (when we can safely do those again)

While it's still in its pupal form, we're thrilled to begin to share the Podcast Network with you today. Visit to check out our starting lineup of shows, listen to episodes, and maybe even apply to join us as a podcaster!

Now, some special thanks are in order!

  • Caryn Kesler designed our new home for podcasts on, and in the process brought some exciting new visual changes to the whole site, including much larger, more immersive images.
  • Ben Ward not only implemented the new design that you see, but did a significant amount of work on the station's backend to accommodate podcasts so that they sit comfortably alongside our live radio programming.
  • Lily Sloane, Britt Spangler, and Jeff Hunt philosophized, organized, and shaped what this new community of creators is going to be.

Podcasts can open your mind to new ideas, create a better understanding, and even change the world. Whether you listen on the go or while relaxing at home we want to give our community of creators a chance to connect with you and help you discover something new. Welcome to the Podcast Network!