2020 was a basket case from hell for all of us, i know. these are the most notable tracks that helped make it just a lil less hellish - enjoy!

  1. fly by zelma stone
  2. untitled by kate bollinger
  3. someday - triple j like a version by julia jacklin
  4. to perth, before the border closes by julia jacklin
  5. green eyes by uncle chris
  6. plastic (mid-city island version) by moses sumney
  7. shampoo bottles by peach pit
  8. moonlight by disclosure
  9. me in 20 years by moses sumney
  10. you, dear by eloise

i normally have more context i want to share in these things about my rationale etc but this time around i do not, so feel free to make your own connection to these songs in a way that feels meaningful to you:) this year took it outta me, particularly in december but we can only go up from here (or so we hope)! not only did i spend most of my time listening to these tracks to get me thru, but they also made me feel the closest to myself in a variety of ways whether that's through singing them, feeling my feels internally/externally, or just enjoying beautifully built tracks in peace. love you! hope you found some type of resolution in this chaos whether that is within yourself or the greater world