This friday, we will be interviewing 2 members from the legendary SF bestial black metal band VON originally from our neck of the woods, San Francisco. We will be chatting a little bit about the new album with 2 members on the air while playing a couple exclusive tracks from their upcoming LP entitled "Dark Gods: Birth of the Architects".

VON was the FIRST American black metal band. They formed in 1987, released 3 demos, then broke up in 1992. Between then and now, VON became legends in the underground black metal scene and being noted as huge influences on some of the best black metal bands today. VON reformed in 2010 to play some reunion shows and are still kickin' with fresh riffs. Check out their 2 new tracks below entitled "The Culling" and "Mother". Tune in this Friday, 12/12/14 between 2pm-4pm PST, to hear the exclusive interview on the air!