Oakland cats and spunky cheetles MALL WALK are coming bythe studios of BFF.fm to hang with amber and brit for ‘hello cheetle’ thisFriday nite. Things will probably keep cool, but it wouldn’t be unusual ifsecrets were revealed about teenage trouble, the delight of unfathomable noise,and bein’ grimy on the best coast. The trio makes reverby, lo-fi, post-punkrock jams that have just enough menace and grime to have you bopping with the appropriatefervor. Cheetles like it. You’ll like it, too.

The trio releases a new 7” March 31st on VacantStare Records, following up to their five-song EP from a year back. Catch ‘emnowwwww. These dudes are about to hit the road—the first week of April sees dateson both sides of the Bay, but then its a fat tour around the West and all theway down to beautiful Mexico.