This Tuesday night at 10pm PDT, Sounds In The Dark celebrates its final San Francisco edition broadcast from the confines of The Secret Alley, with what can only be described as an ambient/drone event of epic proportions as three notable Bay Area acts comprising nearly 10 musicians create two hours of soundscapes in The Secret Alley! 

Kicking off the show will be drones and experimental work created by several musicians, live mixed and manipulated by bassist and improvisor Instagon, followed up by work from Richmond experimentalist and musical instrument inventor Bryan Day, and capped off by a performance from jazz/noise/drone quartet New False Gods, including friend of the show Jack Hertz. It's a not-to-be-missed in-studio performance!

Sounds In The Dark will be relocating to Denver, CO in November and will continue mixing your Tuesday ambient and experimental nightcap at, so stay close for further details!