You won’t be surprised to hear this: 2020 has not gone according to plan for Life as we knew it was swiftly canceled and now nothing feels normal. Lucky for us, we’ve always been a little out of the ordinary. With you on our side, we didn’t let the pandemic slow us down.

Each week during our end of year fundraising campaign we're sharing the story of one DJ and the impact community radio has had on their lives. This week, we'd like to tell you about Charman, aka Charli Blaq.

As the pandemic emerged and everyone began to shelter in place, Charman's life was a complete anxiety filled blur. The clouds finally started to depart a little when she quit her toxic job. Then, she saw Space Abuela (Eddie) tweet that was looking for a few new DJs. "I pitched my idea to them on a whim late or early at 3am (because what is time anymore) and they encouraged me to pitch it officially."

The show Charman pitched was Black Girl Joy, an eclectic mix of Black music from the past, present and future. At a moment marked by pain and protest it felt important to her to highlight the joy of being Black.

"As a Black woman, living in the US is hard enough, but the foolery topped on more foolery has had an even deeper affect on me. My weekly show has been a shining light in the dreary fog that has been 2020. I collect the songs that have gotten me through not only this year but my life and share them with others in hope that it brings them the joy and solace they bring me."

Charman was also one of the first DJs to join the station virtually, so she hasn't yet been able to meet her fellow DJs in person. But, that didn't stop her from quickly becoming a beloved part of the community, with other DJs often shouting out Black Girl Joy on their own programs. " has brightened up my days considerably, whether it's tuning into Louise, Bop Island, House of Love or any of the other wonderful shows that bring dope music into my life."

Whether she's hanging out at a virtual Besties Bash, or contributing insightful video commentary for's TV show Um, TV? Charman is only just beginning to make her mark on our community. And the feeling is mutual. "The impact the station has made on my life is impossible to put into words."

Community radio makes it possible for music lovers to connect, even when we can't all be together in person. is here to build that connection for San Francisco.

Join more than 1000 of your friends and neighbors who also believe in the power of community radio to bring people together, even when we have to stay six feet apart, by making a donation to by December 31 so that people like Charman can keep bringing Black Girl Joy to the webwaves.