Each Thursday during our end of year fundraising campaign we're sharing a letter from a local musician about how BFF.fm has benefited them in 2020. This week's letter is from Baseball Gregg.

I’d been to a few Bestie’s Bashes before shows became dangerous, and it was always a great time. There’s a feeling of love and care that resonates throughout the room. Space Abuela sent us a DM on twitter, asking if we would be down to play a Halloween live stream for BFF.fm.  I knew immediately that I wanted to participate, and as I sent the message “hell yeah!” I felt excitement, but I also felt sadness knowing I wouldn’t be able to really be in the same physical space with everyone at the show.

Once we found out that our set was going to be pre-recorded, we decided to try and recreate the feeling of playing with an actual band as realistically as we safely could. We had each individual member record themselves playing their instruments to a click track, and we edited all of our parts together into a full band performance. The results were almost organic. I tend to struggle with routine, a strictly regimented life makes me feel trapped, and my natural response is to break rules and habits.

Throughout 2020, I’ve struggled balancing my need for spontaneity with my need to have some structure to give my time some meaning. I have a few bi-weekly groups I voluntarily meet with, to watch a digital drag show, play Dungeons and Dragons, talk about a book, or listen to and discuss a Beach Boys album. I like to think that these things have become the click track of my relationships, and through this regimentation I am somehow able to exist together with my loved ones in our new rhythm of life.

The day of the show I was initially frustrated because my internet didn’t work during Idhaz’s set, then Gabby La La made me feel pure joy, and I cried when I saw an advertisement for Sadtiva’s art. All of these emotions I experienced alone in my room, but it was in response to other people’s art and expression.

I want so much to see people thriving, or really just see people at all when they are away from their screens. I can’t wait to return to the BFF treehouse and be together again, but in the meantime BFF.fm has once again found a way to bring a little comfort to us all.

<3 Sam

Here's Baseball Gregg's performance at our Halloween Besties Bash:

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