However you feel about the emo revival, Braid has done a graceful job of taking a break from being a band, getting back together, and making new music. They aren't breaking new ground but they're revisiting it in a nice way. Topshelf Records released Kids Get Grids came out as a 7-inch for Record Store Day. It sounds like true mid-90s emo. To me there's an echo of the sound on A Dozen Roses (Frame and Canvas, Polyvinyl, 1998), which really bumps it up on my Heavy Rotation list. The rhymes and lyrical style are A+ Braid — I mean, "kids get grids?" Come on.

It seems safe to expect even more new music from Braid sometime in the next year.

(There's also a great little rundown on the lyrics and how the song came about on The Fader here.)