Top Five paragraphs about my favorite things that made being alive a lot easier in 2018.

"sorry Charlie" by Gobbinjr off her album ocala wick that also came out in 2018. ocala wickis one of my favorite albums that came out in 2018, and truly shows the range of talent in Gobbinjr. It makes me feel safe, home, as though the ugly in me doesn't have to be gross or even that ugly. even sadness can have a beat.

"being alive" by frankie cosmos off the album Vessel that came out in 2018. The demo always has been one of my favorite frankie cosmos songs, so of course, this more glistening version of it is still a favorite of mine. but my favorite verse off of that album is not from "Being alive" it's from "Accommodate," the part that goes  My body is a burden/ I’m always yearning/ To be less accommodating/ To say loud how I’m feeling. That is the part I scream along to.

"nobody" by mitskioff the brilliant magical and genius album be the cowboy. it is my favorite album about kissing and this song has made my loneliness not kill me, which is nice. Britney Spears would be proud of me. 

overall Could it be different by The Spook School is one of my favorite of albums of the year, released by local label Slumberland Records, which tends to be a label that is on every episode of Abuela's Pantry. There is something about the DIY in the UK that is just fucking amazing right now, and that scene constantly finds it's way into my heart.

Everything Father/Daughter Records released this year. here are my top 5 favorite songs they released: "temporary tattoo" by Remember Sports, "Winter Song IV" by tasha, "okay" by pllush "outside looking in" by rose droll, "haunted house" by sir baby girl (which is off an album that comes out in 2019, but still fucking love this song.)

top things that deserve all the attention janelle monae, spellling, everything take care tapes put out including zoombug.

my top five concerts were all five of this year's besties bashes, that I curated. Become a bestie and get access to the series because it's not done yet.