While The Monday Lineup Radio Show typically skews towards groovy beats that help you dance your worries away, in 2017 I found myself turning towards more understated (production wise) female singer-songwriters. That's not to say I didn't also jam out to pop, disco, house and hip-hop records like my life depended on it, but there's something about these 5 albums that allowed me to find peace and rid myself of anxiety during a year that felt apocalyptic more often then not. And since realistically 2018 probably won't be a cakewalk either, I'm passing these 5 albums along to you - so you always have them when you need some healing. Trust me, they'll do you wonders.

Below you'll find links to each of the albums, and a track from each.

1. Feist - Pleasure

2. Bedouine - Bedouine

3. Julie Byrne - Not Even Happiness

4. Big Thief - Capacity (a band, not a solo project, but fronted by the amazing Adrianne Lenker)

5. Laura Marling - Semper Femina