B-Side Dreams leans toward indie pop and post punk. Top 5 selections based on how often I returned to them. Like what you see? Tune in Saturday mornings at 9am!

TOP 5 OF 2019

  1. Stella Donnelly - Beware of the Dogs > Solid album, voice, and performer. Relevent themes.
  2. Cate Le Bon - Reward  > Effortlessly cool, with dissonance.
  3. Carla dal Forno - Look Up Sharp > Moody/ambient, limited vocals. Mesmerizing, good focusing music.
  4. Lunch Lady - Angel > Classic post punk, updated.
  5. Mini Dresses - Heaven Sent > Jangly pop. Good follow up to their amazing 2017 album.


  • Chris Stroffolino - Audition 4 a Practice People Place  > Modern Day Electric Company.
  • Natalie Rose Le Brecht - Mandarava Rose > Perfect for a quiet sunset drive after a long day.
  • The Ocean in Films - Cruel Vestige > Check out my episode with these locals, FKA Evening Empire.
  • Jeanines - Jeanines  > Slumberland pop sweetness
  • Trash Kit - Horizon >  I support all ofRachel Aggs projects, and I root for this underdog.
  • Jenny Hoyston - Hold On, Loosely  > A late year release, new work by the Erase Errata singer, sounding great.
  • The Stroppies - Whoosh > Australian jangle pop, influenced by classic Flying Nun.
  • Black Belt Eagle Scout - At the Party with My Brown Friends
  • Penelope Isles - Until the Tide Creeps In